Compilers and IDEs

This list is neither exhaustive nor intended to endorse nor disparage any particular compiler, integrated development environment (IDE) or editor.

Tool Description
Borland bcc 5.5 Command line Tools Borland have made v5 of their compiler and tools available for free (simple registration required). These are command line tools - there is no IDE with them although other editors or IDEs may be adapted to use them. This compiler was released in 2001 and has not been updated so it may not perform as well as more recent compilers. Details on configuring the command line tools can be found here.
Digital Mars The compiler and a limited set of tools can be downloaded and used free of charge. For a small fee the remaining tools and an IDE can be purchased.
MinGW Minimalist GNU windows compiler and tools. This is a port of gcc and is both open source and free.
Microsoft Visual C++ At the time of writing the latest of Microsoft's compilers are the various 2005 editions. The Express version is available for free and, despite its lack of a visual resource editor, is nontheless perfectly adequate for learning c++ programming. It will require some additional configuration if used to program with the winapi, including the installation of the psdk.
Open Watcom This is a complete, open source compiler and IDE system.

Editors and IDE's

Tool Description
Code::Blocks This free open source IDE can theoretically be configured to use any compiler; the default is MinGW. It is built using wxWidgets and a Linux version exists, too.
Dev-cpp This free, open source(Delphi) IDE for MinGW is quick to install, simple to configure and easy to use.
MinGW DevStudio A free IDE for MinGW that bears more than a passing resemblance to msvc6. Built with wxWidgets so both a linux (for gcc) and windows version are available.
SciTE A free, open source text/source code editor for windows and X. Note that it can be configured as a basic IDE for various compilers including MinGW.
VIDE A donation-ware ide for gcc and borland's bcc command line tools.